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Idea or Solution: Create a very simple website to share ideas from the State of Atlanta Black Tech event on May 8th! — Justin

Idea or Solution: Create, deploy and execute a multi-pronged PUBLIC RELATIONS campaign to unite, connect and inform 3 main audiences: Black tech-nicians, those interested in connecting with Black tech-nicians and those who want to support and feed Atlanta's Black Tech ecosystem. — Treshea

Idea or Solution: - [ ] I believe in intimacy as strategy and would love your thoughts. I think we tend to over work and under value our work and leave connection and intimacy off the table because we don't think we have time or funders won't think it's justified and all this internalized senses of inferiority and needing to prove ourselves. How do you feel about creating spaces even more intimate than this, spaces for the sole purpose of connection, knowing the creation is sure to follow--- and how do you combat senses of needing to drop this in lieu of something "more productive" I support and propose an idea: leadership retreats. Something longer than Founder Therapy and something more intimate than a Hackathon. The biggest results of such a program, programs I've been running for years, are long term. It's when 3 years later two folks decide to start a successful business together. It's when a young person decides to switch majors or an older person returns to school with a clearer vision. I also think it's about opening up homes. Echoing feminist foremothers who organized in living rooms and ultimately gained many rights (and still have more to solidify). What ways have you been shaped and deepened levels of trust in such spaces? And with the trust of those people, what risks do you dare to do together? We must detach from individualist notions about success, but build up ideas of our intrinsic self worth. I think to do this is to have more space and time to be together. An ATL Tech Week could also be helpful but!!! it would still need a space that is less about networking only in the sense of swapping business cards, but space to truly get to know each other in a facilitated, coached, guided way — Bianca

Idea or Solution: Unfortunately I was not aware of the Atlanta Black Tech event until today. Will there be another event in Atlanta? — Altoine

Idea or Solution: I organize "The Gathering" a social impact event where we serve 1000's of Atlanta's underprivileged with the intent of providing poverty alleviate, health foods, job readiness training, affordable housing, and access to quality care. My question is where do I fit into the ecosystem? — William

Idea or Solution: Hi there, my name is Adrienne Hill and I am creative director of The Brand Box Club- we provide DIY branding solutions for fashion and beauty entrepreneurs worldwide. I would love to stay connected and learn about more of your events. — Adrienne

Idea or Solution: I think the moment on May 8th when you had all of the developers briefly raise their hands could be enhanced in future meetings. Maybe have people volunteer to wear a name tag that shows what they do or a color code for what they do. It can really make networking more interesting. — Ronnie

Idea or Solution: Problem = lack of stories being told Solution = feature stories each week via blog on this site, and used as basis to help get extended coverage with other media outlets — Joey

Idea or Solution: Problem = corporate heads don't refer black startups to their companies for fear of getting embarrassed if said isn't ready for the spotlight. Solution = corporate pitching toolkit/guide that prepares black entrepreneurs on the intricacies of pitching to corporations and shows the ramifications if things go wrong — Joey

Idea or Solution: Problem = not enough notable names/companies Solution: each quarter, we select 20 top black founders, 20 top black companies/orgs, 20 top college students, 20 top high school students, and 20 top black corporate heads and put all of our resources toward accelerating their growth. We'd accelerate 400 entities per year. — Joey

Idea or Solution: Problem = potential misuse of this group for personal gain Solution = create an oversight committee to review activity — Joey

Idea or Solution: Problem = building a sustainable organization Solution = Like Medium, have a Founding Member membership in ATL Black Family. $5-$10 monthly fee to take care of organization operating costs — Joey

Idea or Solution: We need a cool, quick way to solicit support when we have big things coming up (TV appearance, new launch to gain users/customers, article online, etc. Almost like a "squad up" type of gesture that we can can continuously support everyone in the community in different ways. — Candace

Idea or Solution: Get coding classes in all Atlanta Public schools middle school thru high school. Desktop computers are cheap and basic coding programs are cheap and some are free. Our HBCUs should have computer technology schools. Technology is too foreign for black people in general, when it should be just as normal as being a Doctor, Lawyer, teacher, etc. — Larry

Idea or Solution: We need Social Media Pages for ATLBLACKTECH. I can help. — Marlon

Idea or Solution: Visibility and Awareness. Black tech seems like a secret club and of course no one is trying on purpose to make it that way. My solution is really just to piggy back on previously mentioned solution about having a centralized place to found on the web (like a but our own) and blast the mess out of it! I suggest adding that type functionality on This URL is already clear, concise and FIRE (pronounced Phi, rhymes with fly lol)! atl (where) black (who) tech (what). I'd pay the $5 to $10 a month. — Chris

Idea or Solution: Problem: Too many overlapping events Solution: Publicize event PLANS 90-120 days in advance to other event organizers so people can shift their events accordingly (and if possible) — Joey

Idea or Solution: Challenge: Decentralized black tech resources around funding, talent, marketing, and sales. Solution: well-marketed, niche crowdfunding platform that galvanizes our community so everyone has a stake in each other's success. — David

Idea or Solution: Creating classes geared toward public speaking and business acumen, in order to communicate our needs and purpose when pitching to investors and potential clients. We have the resources. Let's learn how to use them effectively to progress our brands and business models. — Lynsey

Idea or Solution: As a marketing and communications strategist, I've participated in multiple "Strategy Hacks" for start-ups and have found them to be a game-changer for how many start-ups decide go to market. I'd love to be a part of one through ATL Black Tech. Let's talk! My profile: — Gail

Idea or Solution: Problem 1A: Entrepreneurs are frustrated that corporate contacts won't make internal referrals Problem 1B: Corporate contacts are worried they will lose their job or be reprimanded if the entrepreneur doesn't present well to their internal colleagues Solution: Infographic or document that serves as a guide/checklist of items needed before the corporate contact feels comfortable forwarding the entrepreneur's info on. Credit: *James Harris also contributed to this idea — Joey

Idea or Solution: My husband (whose a network engineer) found a group of engineers (mostly black) that hold twice monthly study groups in which they do labs on network engineering equipment. Its a great set up where more experienced folks are able to practice leadership skills and less experienced folks get hands-on experience in a supportive setting with built-in mentorship. Everybody involved gets a strong network of professionals. I would love for atlblacktech to organize these types of groups for various disciplines (engineers, IT professionals, statisticians/data scientists, etc.) — Renita

Problem:Need to broaden the branding of tech in ATL
Idea or Solution: Often times people think startup when one says tech. I think we need a very deliberate way to emphasize the other nodes in the ecosystem. — Justin

Idea or Solution: I saw the I AM #atlblacktech flyers that were on IG. It would be nice to do a social media campaign using that introducing or increasing awareness for black tech companies in Atlanta. A lot of people are not aware of them and even some entrepreneurs don't even realize they are tech companies. — Tiffaney

Idea or Solution: Mastermind groups would be great. Also my Atlanta team is on board to help in any capacity that we can. Thanks for leading the charge! — Tiffaney

Problem:Lack of Knowledge of Tech Service Providers
Idea or Solution: Great event! It takes a community to build our community. Thus, our team at Brain Rain Solutions (BRS) , Spendefy, and Eboticons (all black tech companies in Atl) has agreed to openly contribute and put together a publicly available list in the form of an open-source API for Black Service Providers assets (Mobile/Web Developers, Marketing specialist, PR firms, UI/UX Specialist, Legal, etc.) in the Atl Black Tech community. It will be a list of Black persons/companies needed to grow a Black Tech Startup. We believe this will boost entrepreneurs that lack execution in their business and help entrepreneurs be more successful through these connections. Here is a prime example: In 2013, Covello, a black marketing strategy company introduced our team (a black-owned tech company) to develop Partpic’s initial prototype, who at the time had no product. At the time, they needed to present a computer recognition product at a NY accelerator within a month. We built the demo products for their NY accelerator and for Tech Crunch Disrupt. NuraCode, a black development firm, helped with frontend development for Tech Crunch. We led the technical charge to get the seed funding. One of our developers on our BRS team is their current CTO, Nashlie Sephus, PhD. One of the funders for Partpic were Comcast Ventures led by William Crowder, a black investor in Silicon Valley. Partpic eventually got sold. It was the rolodex of black connections in combination with hard work by Partpic team that formed a pathway for success. Everybody sees the end product of Partpic but I wanted to share with you how the black tech community has helped them. I know I may get slapped on the wrist but I felt it is more important to give you all a narrative of how Partpic was formed. And prove to you all that anybody could do it given the right resources and ambition. As a result, we propose to expand connections to everybody by publicly exposing it so that we can produce more Partpics, Monsieurs, and Storjs. — Troy

Problem:I missed the whole event
Idea or Solution: How do I join up with ATL Black Tech? How did I miss this amazing event?! — Musa

Problem:Enterprise Social Network
Idea or Solution: I'm the Director of Client Services for Incentive, Inc. ESN software that provides a single point solution for organizations to connect, communicate and collaborate. If the group hasn't selected Slack as its application would like to discuss leveraging the Incentive single point solution. — David

Problem:Skills Gap or Professional Development
Idea or Solution: Similar to Women Who Code's "Code Jam" have a monthly meetup in said vertical where attendees can get help with projects in a safe environment. — Liberty

Problem:Celebrate + Broadcast Wins in the Family
Idea or Solution: There should be a central way for people to announce job promotions (like most business journals), company wins, or significant contributions, that way as an ecosystem we can celebrate them (in addition to broadcasting it on social and to networks outside of ABT). — Liberty

Problem:Speaker Development
Idea or Solution: When you look at conferences or events in the tech/professional space, they often lack the presence of Black, women, and other faces. 1) It would be nice to curate a list of conferences in each vertical and their CFPs (Call for Proposals) 2) Training on how to develop a CFP 3) Training on how to develop a talk — Liberty

Idea or Solution: A bi-annual or quarterly event where someone/company presents a case for a funding need. It can double as awareness and funding (most importantly--community building). Examples: The Awesome Foundation Atlanta Pitch Dish/Detroit SOUP — Liberty

Problem:Finding a Good Team.
Idea or Solution: I would like to propose ATLBlackTech host a speed matching event, a networking event similar to CoFounders Lab, where start-ups pitch their idea in one minute and we spend the rest of the time meeting potential team members and supporters. — Jasmine

Problem:Skill gap for professional digital marketers as #AI and other #MarTech begins to take over
Idea or Solution: A.I. and other MarTech (Marketing Technology) is currently where Social Media was 10 years ago. For as popping as it is now, we ain't seen nothing yet. However we're ill-prepared to meet this fast approaching future. Too many black people think that because they know how to use Facebook that qualifies them to be someone's social media manager... AND IT DOESN'T!!! Once chatbots and other MarTech AI begin to take over in earnest we're really screwed. The solution is education on all socio-economic and comprehension levels. I think that once the youth understands the need they'll jump at the opportunity to meet it. It's our job as professionals to prepare them. — Temitayo

Problem:Having an organized space to connect and exchange services
Idea or Solution: Let's leverage a platform like where users can offer and request products and services on a barter system. It's free and easy to set up and can really increase connectivity and growth. — Sanarr

Problem:There is a lack of exposure to health IT careers/businesses among minorities.
Idea or Solution: As a healthcare technology professional I believe there is a need for more exposure in to the health tech industry; specifically directed towards minorities. Georgia’s Health IT sector is the largest in the nation (there are over 200 health IT companies in Georgia and a majority of them are located in Atlanta) yet, minorities are extremely underrepresented (making up less than 12% - this is a combination of African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans). I believe this is due to the lack of exposure to the healthcare industry and a lack of minority healthcare mentors. I have designed programs in the past that aimed at exposing little known healthcare careers to high school students. I would love to partner with the current ‘Black Tech Movement’ in Atlanta to create a new program and have a greater impact. — Terrence

Problem:No problem at all, just excitement!
Idea or Solution: Good morning, My name is Ahmad Glenn and I am an Art Director for and ad agency called UWG (black owned by the way). My coworkers and I attended the event at the Gathering Spot on May 8th and learned so much about the black tech community in Atlanta. My company is interested in working with the Atl Black Tech organization(s) to help bring more awareness to the cause in a cool and contemporary way. We'd love to discuss a possible time for a conference call or in-person meeting. I can be reached at 404.365.7400 or email, whichever is convenient for you. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with your team soon! — Ahmad

Problem:Too much arrogance...not enough humility.
Idea or Solution: Lack of deep and enduring personal connections contributes to the "me first" attitude among black professionals in general. I am working on my third tech startup and have seen an amazing lack of humility from those who haven't "made it" and can't accept coaching and an equal level of arrogance from those who feel they have "made it" and don't feel compelled to provide coaching. The problem is grass roots level and requires a simple grass roots solutions that can bring both groups together. I propose leveraging the game of golf as a unifier. I suggest establishing a monthly networking golf scramble that supports building a strong personal/professional network that supports the needs of it's members. I, along with my network of golfers would be happy to coordinate and lead the effort. If you have the patience to commit to improving your golf game, you have the patience to improve your business game. Let's do both at the same time. — Harold

Problem:Lack of Peer Review of Startup Ideas
Idea or Solution: A peer review section for business plans or funding profiles. A section of the site where founders can post their business plan, one pager, funding profile or business model canvas. Thereafter, other can freely comment and assist the founder in refining the weakest parts of their startup plan. — Jibril

Problem:Meeting of the minds
Idea or Solution: Not sure if this is the correct platform for this but, I'm a creative director at the advertising agency, UWG based in Atlanta. I'm trying to locate the moderator/owner/board member of ATL Black Tech to possibly partner on an upcoming project. Please reach out if you are, or know that person. Thanks. — yirayah

Problem:Getting in contact with everyone
Idea or Solution: How do I get in contact with the people who are making comments. Want to network with the people submitting ideas. Just moved here from Nashville where we had alot of similar issues. Would like to network with people interested in developing the community here. Please email me at or text me 615.852.6721 — Taz

Problem:Diverse Developer
Idea or Solution: Founded by African American Developers and Technologists due to the seemingly never-ending shortage of Black and Hispanic/Latino IT professions reported by global technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple. Diverse Developer is the hub for businesses looking for and companies interested in hiring skilled, qualified African American and Hispanic/Latino developers and technical resources - — Jason

Problem:Early Exposure through opportunities to partner with organizations to offer STEAM Workshops for students, creating a pipeline for students
Idea or Solution: Let's partner....create a sustainable pipeline — Dharma

Problem:New Idea
Idea or Solution: I am a developer and this is the first time I heard of this group. Great job. I do not know if this exist, but it would be great if there was a way for business owners who have access to capital to meet tech workers in a smaller informal setting to learn about each other. If the owners want something done, they will have a pool to look towards. — Anthony

Idea or Solution: Glad to be involved with this group! As a black developer, I've often noticed that we (or other minorities) are underrepresented through imagery. So we started to help fill that void. As we build the new site for AtlantaBlackTech - I'd like to offer up some of our diverse images of people in tech to help the site stand out visually. An idea. — Gerald

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